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The Challenge of Navigating the EV/CleanTech Frontier

Having trouble making heads or tails of what charging station or EV will work for your commercial or consumer application? We have already done much of the research and have experience in electric vehicles dating back to the 1990.


“Stephen has worked as 
Director of Communications and
Marketing for MacAUTO and 
Canada Excellence Research 
Chair in Hybrid Powertrain
Program. He is very pleasant
to work with. Stephen is 
passionate about transportation 
electrification and energy 
sustainability. He has a vast 
professional network in this 
field in Canada. Stephen's com-
munications and marketing 
capabilities are great and he is
able to coordinate events, con-
ferences, and press releases on
short notice. He is a very 
dedicated professional, who 
understands the value of 
effective state-of-the-art

July 27, 2012
Dr. Ali Emadi, Director of McMaster Institute for Automotive Research and Technology (MacAUTO), McMaster University

“He is highly respected in the powersports industry, has a passion for what he does and is, in general, a very intellectual, highly knowledgeable individual. I thoroughly enjoyed and admire to this day, the enthusiasm andcommitment with which Stephen approaches everything he takes on. He's a walking, talking dynamo with a fantastic attitude and approach to life that rubs off on anyone with whom he comes in contact. It was an honor and a privilege for me to have the opportunity to work with Stephen.”

July 12, 2010
Beverly Leavitt , President/CEO , Canada East Equipment Dealers' Assoc.

“Stephen is professional, detailed and always bringing new ideas to the table. Working with Stephen was a great experience. I'd highly recommend Stephen in any sales, management, customer engagement or project management roles.” 

July 19, 2010
David Wood , Sales Manager & Import/Export Operations
Zero Motorcycles Inc.

“Stephen is very smart and focused, with an ability to break down complex challenges and piece together practical solutions. He has a particularly good understanding of dealers and great selling ideas. A great guy to have on your team!” 

November 16, 2009
Edwin Belonje , Director of Sales and Marketing - Europe
Zero Motorcycles Inc

“Stephen was a strong participant as a member of the Board of Directors of Electric Mobility Canada and contributed very strategic thoughts on many subjects. He participated regularly. He worked well as a board member listening to all points of view before reaching a decision.” 

June 15, 2010
Al Cormier , Executive Director , Electric Mobility Canada

“Stephen is very organized, every transaction we did was planned out completely. Analysed for the right mix of product, and amount of inventory to be brought in. I enjoyed working with Stephen as he is very friendly, goal orientated, and has an excellent work ethic. 

July 12, 2010
Ryan Ludington, District Sales Manager, Tucker Rocky & Biker's Choice

“I worked closely with Stephen as his District Sales Manager from 1989-2008 on building a range of Bombardier brand products portfolios including the world leading Sea-doo watercraft and Jet Boats. Stephen’s dealership was chosen as one of the original 10 Sea-doo dealerships in the world and with Stephen’s industry leading marketing expertise, focus on customer satisfaction and passion for selling, his dealership earned and sustained one of the highest market share percentages (90%) for Sea-doo of any trade area in Canada for almost 20 years.

Stephen is a highly professional individual that knows how to get a job done under very complex and difficult situations. He is as organized as any dealer I ever encountered and was extremely influential in founding and participating in Spader 20 groups (Best Practices Clubs) which helped transform the powersports industry in Canada. 

I could always count on Stephen at a moment’s notice to appear on TV and be the professional industry representative needed because he is intelligent, articulate and knows how to think on his feet. 

Stephen has an eye for detail and intuitively knows where and when to push a product or when to change gears. I have long been a supporter of him because of his integrity, honesty and gentlemanly nature. He is a guy you want to go to battle with.

November 8, 2010
Bob (Goose) Gossling, District Sales Manager
Bombardier Recreational Products
Ski-doo North American Selling Skills 
Competition - 1st ONT, 2nd Eastern Can., 5th NA
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