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Since 1990, Stephen Bieda of Precept Benchmark Consulting Inc. (PBCI) has been finding creative ways to facilitate change as a tech savvy entrepreneur with project management, public relations, strategic marketing, business development and communications expertise. PBCI has developed business strategies for leading utilities, advised municipalities, academic institutions, developers and SMEs to provide sustainable infrastructure technology solutions that make triple bottom line sense. 

Specialization Areas: electric and autonomous vehicles, eBikes & purpose-built active tranport vehicles, Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), shared urban mobility services and renewable energy solutions.

Sustainable Multi-modal Transportation Expert
 | Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) | Autonomous Connected Electric Shared (ACES) |
In the News

“Rarely do you see such massive infrastructural pieces of society intersecting like this,” he told Toronto Star Wheels this week. “This is extremely exciting. I’ve been involved in electric vehicles for more than 20 years and I’m certain we’re not going to see this go away. It is the future, the next Industrial Revolution, to borrow a page from Jeremy Rifkin.” 
                                                    -- Stephen Bieda

“It’s interconnected with the energy system. The energy internet is what is emerging, so we’re talking about the vehicle to grid technology’s transformation — doing what the internet has done to communication to empower and democratize people in a way nobody ever anticipated,” he added.
                                                    -- Stephen Bieda

“At certain times of the day we produce far more energy than is needed and at other times not enough. When you add electric cars to the mix it allows everyone to store energy and deliver to the grid when necessary. It allows people to sell back energy,” said Bieda.
                                                -- Stephen Bieda

“The nature of this vehicle to grid and battery vehicle technology is that things can be localized and not made by an offshore workforce. The whole renovation process that’s going to be required for buildings to accommodate electric vehicles, charging stations and the renovation of the infrastructure means jobs.
                                                -- Stephen Bieda

“We were at New Hampshire Motor Speedway last month competing with our McMaster SAE hybrid team, where we unfortunately finished ninth due of electrical problems, but the high-performance side of the spectrum is where the innovations come from, so it’s a perfect fit for cars like Corvettes, Mustangs and Porches,” he said.
                                                -- Stephen Bieda

Stephen, the feature presenter representing the electric vehicle industry at the House of Commons for "Towards a Sustainable China" Conference.
David Suzuki recognizes Stephen Bieda on the Blue Dot Tour for his education and advocacy work.